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Article: What should be prepared before using the engraving machine?

What should be prepared before using the engraving machine?

Preparing before using the laser engraving machine will not only help avoid some problems, but also help prolong the life of the engraving machine. Since the laser engraving machine is a whole composed of several different parts, the preparation work mainly involves these points:

  1. Maintain ventilation and turn on smoke-blowing and fume extraction equipment.
  2. Clean the reflective lens and focal length lens.
  3. Cooling system, such as air and cold water. Does the engraving machine purchased include a cooling system? What kind of cooling system is it?
  4. Be familiar with the use of laser software. Is the software compatible? Is my chosen image mode supported? How to use this software?
  5. When changing to a new engraving material, you need to test ahead to find the best laser settings for the best engraving products.

Tips for getting the best engraving results from your laser engraver

Buyers often ask us a question, how to get the best engraving effect in laser engraving. If you are new to laser engraving, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Choose the right engraving material for your engraving machine.
  2. ake some time to experiment with different settings on your laser machine.
  3. Place the engraving machine on a horizontal table, a flat table will present a better design effect.


Preparation before engraving is like an athlete's warm-up before the competition. It is not necessarily indispensable, but it will bring you a better engraving experience and help you to engrave your ideal products.

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