4040 Laser Engraving Machine

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Laser Power

Material Capability

  • Can safely engrave or cut any laser-compatible material
  • Acrylic, Glass, Leather, MDF, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood
  • Contact us with questions on specific materials not listed. If necessary, we can test it for you.


  • Laser Wavelength: 445nm (blue viole)
  • Optical Power Output:5.5W/10W
  • Drive mode: External ACC constant current drive
  • Cooling Method: Forced air cooling
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Shell Material: Aluminum,Surface Anodized
  • Module Material: Copper
  • Life Time:16000 hours
  • Working Temperature:-40-75Celsius
  • Focal Length: 5.5W is 20mm(a silver part), 10W is 3mm (a acrylic plate)

Shipping & Returns

  • Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange
  • Quick response online chat system
  • Local warehouses in the U.S. and Europe
  • We ensure secure payment with PEV

Care Instructions

  • 2axis controller
  • Laser power range could be S0 - S1000
  • The Maximum speed 10000mm/min
  • Active Position Protection: It will be turned on with a strong alarm sound in these three cases
  • One motor Y axis
  • Limit switch: XY axis limit switch
  • Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation
  • X-axis adopts eccentric nut design
  • Sliding module
  • Machine wire management
  • Semi-assembled delivery
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Product Infomation May Help You

Model Lunyee 4040 Laser Enrgraver
Working area 400*400mm
Power Supply 100-220V 12V 5A
Laser Class Class 4
Laser Wave Length 445 ± 5nm
Software Laser GRBL/Laser Engraver
Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm
Adapted laser: 5.5W/10W
Focus fixed focus can not be adjusted
Shell material Aluminum, Surface Anodized
Module material Copper
Life Time 20000 hours
Package Size 610*220*160mm
Package Weight 5KG