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Article: What is the difference between 3018pro and 3018plus?


What is the difference between 3018pro and 3018plus?

3018pro and 3018plus are both upgraded machines on the basis of 3018 engraving machine. Many customers will have doubts about these two machines when choosing a machine and do not know what the difference between these two machines is. Below, I will introduce the differences between the two machines in order to better differentiate them.

  1. The two machines have different body materials. 3018pro is acrylic + plastic + metal material, 3018plus is all aluminum material.
  2. Different color schemes. 3018pro with the black and silver color scheme, and 3018plus with the gold and silver color scheme.
  3. The spindle power of the two machines is different. 3018pro supports 100w power spindle, 3018plus supports 300w and 500w power spindle.
  4. The control board is different. 3018pro uses version 4.2 of the control board, while 3018plus uses version 5.2.
  5. Lasers are different. 3018Pro can only support a maximum can only use 40 lasers, and 3018plus support 40W and 80W two.
  6. In addition, the 3018plus adds a limit switch and emergency stop switch to the 3018pro.

Can CNC3018 series laser engraving machines replace the high-power spindle?

Although the follow-up machines of the 3018 have been upgraded based on the 3018, they can never replace the high-power spindle. The size of the 3018 series machine fixture sleeve limits the size of the spindle, and the machine structure does not recommend the use of high-power spindles. The spindles of CNC3018 series laser engraving machines are all 775 spindle motors. CNC3018 laser engraving machine is more than enough for small engraving or cutting, but the effect is not ideal in high-power engraving work.


3018pro and 3018plus are different in appearance, material, power, control board, etc. The specific machine to choose is still determined according to the user's needs, but neither of these two machines can replace the high-power spindle.

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