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Article: How to adjust the focal length of a laser engraver?

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How to adjust the focal length of a laser engraver?

According to the principle of laser engraving, we know that laser engraving is a laser beam heating the surface of the material to change the color or vaporize the material to achieve processing purposes. At this time the laser beam has a high density, high temperature characteristics, but if the laser engraving machine focal length is not well adjusted, the laser beam will be scattered, resulting in poor processing results. Therefore, if you want the laser engraving machine to maintain high performance work, the focal length adjustment is essential.

  1. Put the items to be engraved flat below the laser, the distance between the two is 3cm for the best. Then turn on the power switch, there will be a blue light. At this time, open the software of the low light, you can see the laser spot on the carved object. Then slowly rotate the focus ring on the laser light outlet to minimize the light spot, which is the best focus point at this distance.
  2. Draw a square or circle of about one centimeter on the laser software, then turn up the laser energy and use the low-frequency mode. Place a reflective metal sheet on the surface of the processed material and continue to move the laser light until it reaches its brightest, which is the focal distance. Repeat several times to get more accurate results.
  3. When you buy a laser engraving machine , the seller will tell you the detailed focal length, you can record it. If you need to change the processed product, you can use a scale, hold it perpendicular to the surface of the material and shake it up and down to get the data. However, this method has limitations and is only applicable to materials with a smooth surface.
  4. The last method requires the installation of two oblique red lights next to the galvanometer, using the principle of a right triangle to find the focal length. But if your equipment does not have such a configuration, this method is not applicable. If the operation is wrong, you will also end up with the wrong focal length.


These are the four ways to adjust the focus, I hope these methods can help you adjust the focus, so that your laser engraving machine can give full play to its performance and engrave your ideal product.

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