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About Us

Lunyee Company Honor for ProductsLUNYEE Industrial Development Group is committed to providing one-stop industrial automation solutions for global small and medium enterprises. The group is based in China, serves the world, and strives to let small and medium-sized enterprises around the world share the dividends made in China, while promoting China's high-quality industrial products to the world.

The group has three subsidiaries:

Henan Lunyee Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.: Group headquarters, focusing on the development and implementation of industrial automation solutions, as well as international and domestic sales;

Henan Langyi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.: R&D, production: laser engraving machine, small CNC, plotter, etc.;

Changzhou Lunyee Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Focus on R&D and production: small AC and DC motors, stepping motors, brushless motors, servo motors, and drive and control products

The mission of Lunyee: To drive the global small and medium manufacturing industry with professionalism

Lunyee's vision: Let the world enjoy Chinese manufacturing

Lunyee's values:

Professional: Be more professional than colleagues and peers in the job position and field of work;

Enterprising: Always believe that there are more efficient and faster methods, there are better people than yourself, and actively use actions to catch up;

Learning: always keep a curious heart, and always take the initiative to learn and iterate by yourself;

Simplicity: To be a simple person, not to complicate simple problems, only to simplify complex problems.

We adhere to the principle of being customer-centric and responding quickly to customer needs. Through diversified channels, professional technology, excellent quality, accurate delivery time, and perfect after-sales service, we provide customers with humanized comprehensive services, which are favored by many customers.

Sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future.