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Article: Case Study: CNC Router for Cutting Wood and MDF


Case Study: CNC Router for Cutting Wood and MDF

Part I: Customer Requirements

In June 2022, a customer from Israel, Tamar Bar, contacted us on our company's Alibaba website to inquire about engraving machines. Through our communication, we learned that Tamar Bar is engaged in the sales of CNC machinery, mainly selling all kinds of CNC machines locally. He thinks that the market potential of CNC machines is great. Therefore, he wants to expand the product scale and order a batch of CNC engraving machines in the near future. It is required that the engraving machine can cut wood and MDF boards.

Part II: Required Products

Tamar Bar wants a CNC engraving machine. Since the local materials are mainly processed by wood and MDF, he requires this engraving machine to be able to process wood and MDF very well. At the same time, powerful functions and high processing efficiency are also his expectations for the machine.

Part III: Engraving machine selection

After careful consideration of Tamar Bar's requirements for processing materials and machine functions, we recommended the CNC1325 machine, which is capable of cutting not only wood and MDF boards but also soft metals such as aluminum, copper, and plastics, etc. The CNC machine also comes with a variety of knife tools to ensure that users can choose the right tool for their processing materials. In addition, we have equipped this CNC engraving machine with 2.2KW and 3KW water-cooled spindle, water-cooling is more powerful than air-cooling, which can effectively reduce the possibility of overheating problems in the machine in a long processing state.

Part IV: Customer Evaluation

After using the machine, Tamar Bar was satisfied with the construction and overall performance of the machine, and he added a plasma cutting section to the machine to upgrade the product. But he also made a suggestion that it would be better if Lunyee's CNC engraving machine could be customized and upgraded according to the customer's needs. After receiving his feedback, we expressed our gratitude and as a response to this feedback, Lunyee now produces a customizable and upgradeable engraving machine that can make certain changes and upgrades to some parts of the machine according to the customer's needs so that it can better meet the diversified needs of the customer.

Part V: Other Applications

CNC engraving machine is a precision CNC processing machine that is often used for cutting, shaping and engraving materials such as wood, plastic, metal and foam. It can perform cutting, two-dimensional engraving and three-dimensional engraving on various flat materials. They are precise enough to produce complex shapes and designs with high precision and are commonly used in a variety of applications, including signage, prototyping, furniture making and manufacturing, and more.

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