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Article: Case Study: 6565 wood laser engraving machine for personal hobbyist


Case Study: 6565 wood laser engraving machine for personal hobbyist

Part I: Customer Requirements

Егор is a handicraft enthusiast from Russia who is passionate about making handmade items. He has always enjoyed making wood products and previously he had been using a small CNC milling machine to make various items such as jewelry boxes, photo frames, trays and other wood products. However, as he became more proficient with the machine, he gained more experience and confidence in his woodworking skills and his original small carving machine was no longer able to meet his needs both in terms of accuracy and carving area. Recently, he wanted a more powerful machine in terms of size, function and accuracy to work on more projects.

Part II: Required Products

In September 2022, Егор visited the company's website and expressed interest in the CNC 6565 wood laser engraving machine . He had been looking for a machine that could handle larger woodworking projects while still providing precise and accurate results. He wanted a machine that could process wood products and have a larger working area that would allow him to produce larger handcrafted projects. At the same time, he would like to create a wooden closet for his wife in the future, so he would like the machine to carve with a higher degree of accuracy.

Part III: Laser engraving machine selection

After several communications, Егор decided to choose 6565 wood laser engraving machine. In the process of communication with Егор, I learned that the engraving area of his previous engraving machine was 180180mm. After considering his requirements, we recommended 6565 wood laser engraving machine for him. This engraving machine has a working area of 6565mm, which is suitable for large projects and can fully meet the requirements of Егор for the working area. The body of the machine is made of carbon steel and aluminum profiles, which are both strong and beautiful. The laser power of 6565 wood laser engraving machine can reach up to 80w, which is very powerful as it can easily process not only wood but also plastic, soft metal and other materials. It also has a high-precision laser, which allows to create precise designs with high contrast and high resolution, ensuring that Егор's handmade products meet his high standards. In addition, the ease of operation and reliability of the machine is praised by many customers, which are important factors for Егор.

Part IV: Customer Evaluation

Еор is very satisfied with the CNC6565 wood laser engraver. After the first use, he gave feedback that the engraver was easy to assemble and he had no difficulty using it. He was impressed with the precision and accuracy it provided. He said he will use it to create a variety of larger wood projects, including tables, shelves, and decorative items, which can be a challenge for him as he has never produced such large projects, but this engraver has given him a lot of confidence.

Part V: Other applications

Laser engravers can often be used to etch or mark a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, leather, and glass. They are often used to produce custom or personalized products, such as engraved gifts or prizes, or to mark products with logos, serial numbers, or other identifying information. Laser engravers are also used for prototyping, where patterns or designs can be cut or etched into a variety of materials, so they are also often used by a variety of industries to create specialized parts.

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