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Article: Trends in Wood Engraving: Full Automation and Intelligence


Trends in Wood Engraving: Full Automation and Intelligence

If you work in the woodworking industry, you may have heard of Wood Pro Expo Florida (WPE). 2023's Wood Pro Expo Florida (WPE) will begin on April 12 and end on April 14. Of course, you may not have heard of this event. Wood Pro Expo Florida (WPE) is a regional event focused on the woodworking industry, specifically for custom and small wood product manufacturers. It is designed to connect woodworking professionals with suppliers and provide educational opportunities for attendees. The event features exhibits from woodworking equipment and tool manufacturers, software vendors and other woodworking-related suppliers. Attendees can explore new products and technologies, learn about the latest industry trends, and network with suppliers and peers in the industry. This event provides many valuable opportunities for woodworking professionals to learn and network, and for woodworking practitioners, this event helps keep them up to date on the latest developments in the industry.

Trends in the woodworking industry engraving

Woodworking in the modern world is no longer limited to simple cutting. Everyone wants the best woodworking products, the highest processing efficiency and the best processing experience. It's often not easy to achieve this, and relying solely on machines or human labor is hardly an advantage in the competitive modern world. You may have heard of the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to a variety of devices and technologies such as various information sensors, global positioning systems, infrared sensors, laser scanners, etc., to collect any object or process that needs to be monitored, connected, and interacted with in real time, collecting its sound, light, heat, location, and various other needed information through various types of possible Through all kinds of possible network access, we can realize the ubiquitous connection between things and things, things and people, and realize the intelligent sensing, identification and management of objects and processes.

Countries around the world are still under the influence of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the woodworking industry, with many manufacturers facing challenges such as supply chain disruptions and reduced demand. To adapt to these challenges, some manufacturers have turned to automation and digitization to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

An article from Woodworking Network highlights how a U.S. custom cabinetmaker invested in new CNC equipment and software to improve its production process. By automating some of its cutting and shaping operations, the company was able to reduce lead times and improve the accuracy of its products even during the pandemic, while also reducing labor costs.

More than just automation, the pandemic has sparked greater interest in digital tools and remote work solutions. For example, some woodworking manufacturers have begun using virtual reality technology to allow customers to preview designs and layouts before production begins. This not only helps reduce errors and waste but also allows for remote collaboration between team members.

Lunyee also always pays attention to the latest developments in the industry. Lunyee noticed the huge market potential of engraving machines many years ago and joined the engraving machine processing industry and now has ten years of industry experience. Over the years, it has also developed and produced a variety of engraving machines with its industry experience, of which the Laser Engraver for Wood have been unanimously approved by customers. Lunyee's engraving machines are also highly automated and can perform a wide range of tasks with minimal human intervention. But this is not the end of our pursuit, we always hope that with the continuous improvement of technology, we can develop higher level CNC engraving machines in the future.


Overall, automation and digitalization are becoming increasingly important in the woodworking industry, especially in the wake of the pandemic. By adopting these technologies, manufacturers can increase efficiency, reduce costs and better meet the changing needs of their customers.

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