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Article: What is a laser module?


What is a laser module?

The laser module is an important part of a laser engraving machine, the choice of laser module will affect the engraving ability of the laser engraving machine. Do you know about laser modules?

In industrial production, the laser module can be used with other accessories to form laser engraving machines for industrial production, it can also be used in CD-ROM and DVD drives, and even some medical procedures cannot be performed without its use. Since the laser beam produced from the laser module is so compact that it has a large amount of energy in a small space, this is used in medicine for laser hair removal and eye surgery, and in the industry for cutting and engraving. The laser module adopts laser combined light technology to greatly improve the output optical power of the laser module, and the unique control circuit design also greatly improves the service life and efficiency of the laser.

Assembly Precautions

  1. When assembled, the laser module must not be electrically connected to any other metal parts of other equipment. It must be electrically insulated.
  2. Do not connect the laser module to another piece of metal in a conductive manner.
  3. The module does not require additional cooling.
  4. Lasers are harmful to humans, avoid any beams hitting the eyes of humans or animals during operation at one time.


The laser module is a very important part of the laser engraving machine, which can effectively improve the life of the laser tube and increase the output power of the laser engraving machine, making you get a better engraving experience.

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