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Article: What do I need to know before buying a CNC router?

cnc router

What do I need to know before buying a CNC router?

CNC router is good at the finishing of cutting tools and has the ability of milling, grinding, drilling and high-speed tapping, it is widely used in 3C industry, mold industry, medical industry and other fields. What should you know before buying a CNC engraving machine?

  1. Model and use. You need to understand the material size, material and processing requirements to be processed to determine the type and model of cnc router to be purchased.
  2. The voltage. Determine the voltage status and applicable current range of the equipment. High-power spindles require three-phase alternating current, and low-power spindles can use two-phase alternating current.
  3. Dimensions and packaging. The basis of the router model depends on the task stroke, so the peripheral size of the machine is larger than the model.
  4. In-depth understanding of the strength of woodworking engraving machine manufacturers. It has been many years since the engraving machine industry began to develop, and there are many manufacturers, so you should understand it well before purchasing. Our company has also been in this industry for many years, our buyers are all over the world, and we are also quite trustworthy sellers.

What else should I pay attention to?

  1. 1. Use environment. To improve the service life of a CNC engraving machine, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, and also avoid places that are too humid, dusty, or corrosive gas.
  2. 2. Develop effective operating procedures. In the use and management of CNC machine tools, a series of practical and effective operating procedures should be formulated. Such as lubrication, maintenance, reasonable use and specifications.
  3. 3. After purchasing CNC machine tools, make full use of them, especially in the first year of use, so that the weak links that are prone to failure are exposed as soon as possible and can be eliminated within the warranty period.


No matter why you want to buy a CNC engraving machine, we hope these precautions can be helpful to you. If you have any questions about the selection, you can always contact us to solve the problem for you.

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