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Article: What affects the efficiency of the engraving machine?

What affects the efficiency of the engraving machine?

According to the engraving method, laser engraving can be divided into two types, dot engraving and vector cutting. The efficiency of laser engraving machines mainly depends on engraving speed, engraving intensity, and dot size. I will introduce these three influencing factors in detail below.

  1. The engraving speed of the laser engraving machine is the speed at which the laser head moves. The faster the laser moves, the shorter the processing time and the more efficient it is. Engraving speed also depends on the depth of cut. When the intensity of the laser is certain, the slower the laser head moves, the deeper the cutting or engraving depth. If you want to adjust the engraving speed of the engraving machine, you can adjust it on the panel or with the computer software driver.
  2. Dot engraving with an engraving machine is a dot printing method. The laser head oscillates up and down around the printed material, drawing multiple lines and then forming an image. We usually use this mode to engrave or mark wood, PVC, paper and other materials. Different focal lengths of the lens can adjust the size of the spot, the smaller ones are mostly used for high-resolution engraving.
  3. The engraving intensity of the engraving machine is mainly reflected in the intensity of the emitted laser. Under a certain engraving speed, the greater the laser intensity, the greater the depth of cutting or engraving.


If you want to improve the efficiency of your engraving machine, you can make moderate adjustments to these three points.

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