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Article: What laser power should I choose?

laser power

What laser power should I choose?

The most important factor in your selection of laser power is your usage requirements. Depending on the engraving material and the thickness of the cut, the laser power should be different. Below I have listed some suggestions for your reference.

  1. In general, if the laser is mainly used for engraving, a laser power of 25 to 80 W is sufficient to obtain good results. If you normally use the laser mainly for laser cutting production, we recommend using a laser power of 80 W or more.
  2. If your engraving material is thin stainless steel and carbon steel plate, using a low power laser can ensure the cutting speed while ensuring the efficiency and also saving costs. If the processing material is both thick and thin, you can consider high power fiber laser, which can ensure the efficiency of thin plate, but also ensure the cutting and engraving effect of thick plate.
  3. After many experiments, the data shows that processing the same material, the high-power laser energy is more powerful, and engraving speed is faster. If you need a machine with short processing time and fast engraving speed, high power laser is more suitable for your needs.
  4. In addition, high-power laser tends to be larger in size, stronger heat dissipation, and longer service life.


The power of the laser engraving machine depends on the requirements of your use. You determine the laser power by considering your production range, the material to be processed, and the thickness of the cut, in addition to your long-term processing needs.

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