4040 Laser Engraving Machine Instructions Guide

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This PDF should be included with the others if your engraver is given or sold to a third party. If you have any questions or require more information after reading this PDF, please contact us and our support department will address your concerns as soon as possible.


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A: Inspect whether the device touches the limit switch. If it touches the limit switch, please reset the device laser to the proper position. If the limit switch is not triggered, please unplug the limit switch and re-engrave.

① The device cannot be connected properly.

A: Check whether line connections, communications are normal; Check in the computer device manager to see if the driver is working and the com port is connected. If there is no device display, please replace the computer usb interface. If there is a device display but there is an exclamation mark in the lower left corner, you can try to install our corresponding driver, and then restart the computer to try again.

② The device is connected normally, but the engraving machine cannot be operated.

A: Please check if the com port serial number is correct and check if the baud rate is 115200.

① What should I do if the laser does not emit light?

A: First check if the wiring is correct and if the power supply is connected, then check if the laser cutting mode is turned on in the software.

② The laser engraving is incomplete or the engraving marks are coarse and the spot is unstable.

A: Please try to clean the lens and keep it clean.

③ Laser connection failure.

A: Please check if the laser wiring is loose.

A: Please check if the X and Y motor wires are reversed. If not, please check whether the picture mirror is set in the software.

Please reduce the cutting speed.

It is a normal phenomenon and can be avoided by increasing the cutting speed appropriately.

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