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Article: 6 Tips to Reduce Your CNC Engraving and Cutting Costs


6 Tips to Reduce Your CNC Engraving and Cutting Costs

CNC engraving is a computer-controlled engraving machine that uses CAD-CAM software to generate milling paths for engraving based on design drawings. As a result, CNC engraving and cutting have few errors and can also increase the processing production speed and save manufacturing time when processing the same batch of materials. We know that CNC engraving has many advantages, but we are usually concerned about the cost when using CNC to process materials. This article will introduce to you how to reduce your processing costs.

1. The cost of raw materials

Although this cost is essential, you can reduce the material cost by reducing the scrap rate and eliminating a lot of waste. In addition, the type of raw material is an important factor in raw material cost. For example, it is cheaper to engrave and cut plastic than metal. The price of the final product made by the CNC machine depends on the type of material needed to make the product. You can use plastic or metal materials to make parts according to your needs.

2. The price of the engraving machine

For example, the number of axes of the engraving machine. Sometimes you need to produce complex materials, you need more axes to meet your use needs. But as the number of axes increases, your cost will be higher and higher. In addition, there are different models of CNC machines to process different sizes of materials. If you need to process large size materials, you need to use a large size CNC engraving machine, the cost of the CNC machine will be high.

3. The length of processing time also affects the cost

Our CNC machines are subjected to several experiments before mass production. The experimental results show that the more complex the product design is, the longer the processing time will be, which will lead to higher processing costs. If you want to reduce your cost, you can shorten your processing time and reduce your processing cost by selecting processing items with relatively low complexity.

4. Processing quantity

The higher the number of products processed, the higher the total cost, but the lower your processing costs.

5. Avoid overly complex designs and processes

Sometimes you may have to rework a machined product to get a smoother surface or edge, which can lead to increased machine costs. If you need to machine more complex designs, try to avoid thin walls. From our experience and past feedback, products with such designs can cause usage problems due to minor errors, which can lead to severe part scrap and unnecessary losses.

6. Complex machined parts

You can split it into several small parts and then assemble them. If the overall machining of a part is complex, you can break it down into multiple components and finally assemble them. This will make the processing of complex products much easier and simpler. It can effectively reduce the processing time and reduce the processing efficiency.


If you want to reduce your CNC engraving and cutting costs, you should consider various aspects, such as processing material, CNC equipment, the complexity of processed products, processing time, and processing quantity.

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