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Article: What is a limit switch?

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What is a limit switch?

The limit switch is a common accessory in the CNC engraving machine, but many customers do not know what the function of the limit switch is, and even accidentally touch the limit switch in the process of using the CNC engraving machine, causing the engraving machine to malfunction. So, what is a limit switch? Let me answer this question to you.

In electrical engineering, a limit switch is a switch operated by the movement of a machine part or the presence of an object. Limit switches can be used as part of a control system to control machinery, as a safety interlock, or as a counter to count objects passing through a point. Such an explanation may be a bit difficult to understand. Let me give you an example to help you understand it better. Whenever we open the refrigerator, the light in the refrigerator will turn on, and when we close the refrigerator door, the light will turn off again. You may think, is this a limit switch? Yes, this limit switch in the refrigerator is used to detect if your refrigerator door is open.

What is the limit switch of CNC engraving machine used for?

The limit switch of the CNC engraving machine is the starting point of the machine stroke, and it is a switch used to prevent engraving from exceeding the range of the machine and causing engraving failure. Therefore, if you find that the limit switch is triggered during use, the engraving path may exceed the engraving range. At this time, you need to redesign the engraving range and set the corresponding software parameters before processing.


Limit switch is one of the important accessories of CNC engraving machine, it can protect your machine and reduce the probability of machine failure.

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