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Article: Which materials are not suitable for laser engraving?

Which materials are not suitable for laser engraving?

Laser engraving machines can process many types of materials, and it can process materials with extremely high precision and extremely fast speed. Therefore, laser engraving machines have been widely used in many industries. Although there are many types of materials for laser engraving, there are also some materials that are not suitable for laser engraving. Do you know what these materials are?

    • PVC, Vinyl, Leather, Artificial Leather

These materials will release chlorine gas after being irradiated by laser and high temperature. Chlorine gas not only has a strong pungent smell, but also is a toxic gas that can damage the upper respiratory tract mucosa. It can also damage optical components, cause metal erosion in machines, and damage motion control systems.

    • ABS material

These materials emit cyanide gas when processed and melt readily and may catch fire, leaving molten sticky deposits behind. Such materials do not engrave well.

    • Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is typically a flat, sheet-like material, and lasers are ineffective at processing it.

    • Styrofoam

This type of material is the material most likely to cause laser fire, so it is not suitable for laser engraving machine processing.

    • Fiberglass

Glass fiber will produce dangerous smoke when it is processed by laser engraving machine, and it is not suitable for laser engraving machine processing.

    • Coated carbon fiber

When the laser engraving machine is processing coated carbon fiber, it will emit toxic gas, which is harmful to human body, so it is not suitable for laser processing.


Due to the chemical composition of some materials, laser processing of these materials will generate dangerous gases or dusts, which often have harmful effects on the human body or the engraving machine itself, therefore, they are not suitable for laser processing.

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