How to use the axis of rotation?

The rotation axis can support rotating parts, and the operation of many machines is inseparable from the use of the rotating axis. For example, our engraving machines, motors, and gearboxes all use a rotation axis. Let me take the engraving machine as an example to introduce how to use the rotation axis.

  1. Pull out the 4P wire on the X-axis or Y-axis stepping motor in the engraving machine.
  2. Then plug the wires into the stepper motors of the rotation module.
  3. Place the rotary module under the laser module to engrave and start engraving.

What is an axis of rotation?

An object that can generate a rotation, we call a rotation object. The object on which the spinner is attached, we call it a platform. The object moved by the rotating object, we called the load. The straight line connecting the rotating object and the platform is the axis of rotation, and the plane perpendicular to it is the rotating surface. The rotation axis can support rotating parts, transmit torque, and bear loads.

What types of rotation axis are there in Lunyee? What is the function of them?

Our company mainly has three types of the rotation axis:

  1. A rotation axis. Its height and length can be adjusted and can be used with 57 stepper motors.
  2. B rotation axis. It is an all-metal body, so it is more solid. Its height and length also can be adjusted.
  3. C rotation axis. It has a longer processing space and uses rubber as the shaft, so the friction force is greatly increased.


The axis of rotation is a very important part, and understanding the axis of rotation can also help us have a better understanding of our machinery and equipment and help us use it better.

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