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Article: Sales case: Laser engraving machine for home use

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Sales case: Laser engraving machine for home use

Client Background

Samantha is an avid enthusiast who enjoys laser engraving and crafting in her spare time. For the past 5 years, she has been creating unique wooden artwork such as jewelry boxes, cutting boards, and wall art as gifts for family and friends. While these wood products bring her a lot of enjoyment, she hopes to take her skills to the next level.


Samantha uses an old desktop 30W CO2 laser engraver with manual controls. While it has helped her a lot creatively over the years, as Samantha's skills have improved, he has found his capabilities to be too limited. Because of the machine's slow engraving speed, intricate patterns and larger designs took a great deal of time to complete. In addition, the machine's small 12 "x12" work area limited her to smaller projects. Samantha wanted to create more and more complex projects, and she needed a more advanced machine that could efficiently handle larger sizes and more complex designs.


Considering Samantha's need for large-scale processing projects, we recommended a laser engraving machine with a working area of 1M*1M. The laser power of this laser engraving machine reaches 80W, which can handle a wide range of materials, and the fastest engraving speed can reach up to 15,000mm/m, which is also much faster compared with the previous engraving machine. It is worth noting that the engraver has two modes, laser engraving and spindle engraving, which Samantha can change at will to suit different materials.


Upon post-arrival, Samantha said that patterns that used to take an hour to complete now take only ten minutes to complete due to the faster speed. In addition, the machine offers a higher resolution for more intricate details than her previous machine. She was most pleasantly surprised by the machine's large work area, which allows her to complete larger projects.

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