Sales case: engraving machine kit for packaging boxes

Client Background

Robert is a skilled artisan who runs a local jewelry business. Over the past decade, he has designed and handcrafted unique custom jewelry pieces such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. He often adds special engraved patterns or shapes to his jewelry, elements that make each of his designs unique. Recently, many of his customers gave feedback that they wanted them to improve the boxes for their jewelry. As a result, he wanted to try his hand at customizing storage boxes for these pieces of jewelry and needed a powerful machine that could work on a variety of materials.

Client need

Previously, Robert had been using purchased jewelry boxes to store his jewelry, and although some of them supported customization, most of them only supported simple text or graphics, and he wanted to design more exquisite boxes. He required the machine to have high machining precision and exquisite and beautiful results, and the machine must be powerful enough to support his use of a variety of materials. It is noteworthy that during the communication process, he was interested in skeletonized types of boxes.


After detailed communication, we determined that Robert's main need was for a machine that was powerful enough to process a wide range of materials, especially wood-based materials. In addition, the machine was also required to have high processing precision, be able to carve beautiful patterns, and also be able to carve openwork pattern designs. Based on the above needs, we recommend the 3018 Pro Ultra CNC Router Kit, which is a 3-axis engraving machine with fast processing speeds that can handle a wide range of materials, especially wood. The machine has a high-quality spindle, a wide range of cutter heads, and high machining accuracy. It is also very easy to assemble; it only takes ten minutes to complete all the assembly work, and the operation of the machine is very simple.

Customer reviews

Upon receiving our CNC machine, Robert was guided through the instruction manual to learn how to operate it. He then immediately tested it on a wooden box and found that our machine was very easy to get started and could quickly engrave the graphics he wanted on the wooden box. He plans to design the graphics and batch engrave them on the wooden boxes, which he is sure will help their business.

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