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Article: Everything you need to know about CNC routers

cnc router

Everything you need to know about CNC routers

If you are in the wood processing or metal manufacturing industry, you must not be unfamiliar with CNC routers. If you are completely ignorant of CNC routers, this article can help you understand it.

What is a CNC router?

A computer numerical control router is a computer-controlled cutting machine, usually fitted with a hand-held router as a spindle, for cutting various materials such as wood, composites, metals, plastics, glass, and foam. CNC routers can perform the tasks of many woodshop machines, such as panel saws, spindle formers, and drills. They can also cut joineries such as tenon and tenon joints. A CNC router is very similar in concept to a CNC milling machine. The path of the tool is not routed manually but is controlled by computer numerical control. A CNC router is one of several tools that have CNC variants. CNC Routers are sometimes referred to as Gantry Mills because they are milling machines and the crossed rails create a Gantry that carries the spindle around an XY coordinate space.

The working principle of CNC router

CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that rotate, move, and rotate various tools according to the CAD program you use. You can automate tasks or manually, the choice is yours. You also need this software to convert digital CAD files into instructions that the machine understands and can do efficiently for you, so you can work on your materials.

The advantages of CNC routers

  1. Wide variety of materials that can be cut and engraved. CNC engraving machines are capable of machining most materials, including aluminum, copper, hardened steel, titanium, and more.
  2. A variety of tools are available, enabling you to make different types of cuts and engravings, such as profiling, drilling, grooving, simple engraving, V-cut, bevel, prism, and 3D engraving.
  3. The programming design of CNC engraving has a high repetition rate, and the products produced in the same batch are highly consistent.
  4. Plenty of CAD/CAM software available for design.
  5. High degree of automation. Once all the configuration and debugging are completed, the subsequent processing requires almost no labor, and the degree of automation is very high.
  6. Low cost and high efficiency Mass production of wood carving products requires a lot of manpower, so the cost is relatively high. But as long as you buy a CNC woodworking machine, you can greatly reduce the cost. The products engraved by a CNC woodworking machine may be dozens of times that of manpower. It not only saves manpower and cost, but also improves production efficiency, and can also ensure that the processing quality of products is relatively

Engraving material for CNC engraving machine

Whether before buying a CNC router or after getting it, you may have doubts about which materials can work on it. Is a certain material that I want to use also available? Typically, CNC routers can engrave most materials, especially in the following industries:

  1. Wood products industry
  2. Materials are mainly wood, medium density fiberboard and plywood. Such as wooden furniture, announcement signs made of plywood and MDF, and various molds.
  3. Acrylic, plexiglass and other plastics
  4. Engraving machines using CNC technology are widely used in the industry for cutting and engraving acrylic, plexiglass, and other plastics, the most common of which mainly include signs made of acrylic and plexiglass and parts for the LED lighting industry, as well as various acrylic and organic Glass product.
  5. Metallic material
  6. The variety of drills and blades available with CNC engravers allows you to cut and engrave hard metals such as aluminum, brass, and even steel at higher power. Specifically, industrial parts made of aluminum, steel, or brass, souvenirs made of aluminum, steel, or brass, etc.


The above content introduces what is a CNC router, its working principle, its advantages, and materials that CNC routers can engrave. After reading this article, I believe you have some preliminary understanding and ideas on choosing a CNC router. If you want to learn more about it, please follow me, in future updates, I will write more articles about CNC routers for you to check. If you have other needs or questions, you can leave a message or email to let us know, and we will be happy to solve it for you.

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