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Article: 5 major industries that rely on the development of CNC machine tools

5 major industries that rely on the development of CNC machine tools

Computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools have revolutionized traditional manufacturing and increased productivity by providing precision, repeatability, and flexibility that is difficult to achieve manually. Today, CNC machine tools are widely used in many industries, but there are some industry applications and their dependence on CNC machine tools, come and see if your industry is also in it.

Consumer goods manufacturing

The consumer goods manufacturing industry produces a large number of everyday items for households, covering everything from appliances and electronics to toys and furniture. CNC machines play an integral role in the manufacturing process by automating production and maintaining tight tolerances at all times. For example, metal, plastic and wood parts made using CNC milling and turning centers ultimately make up products such as refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones, children's toys, cabinets and more. With computer-controlled machining, factories are able to efficiently produce millions of identical, high-precision parts. This level of automation would not be possible without advanced CNC technology.


The modern automotive industry relies heavily on computer-controlled manufacturing to create the many parts that make up an automobile. CNC machines can handle operations such as milling cylinder heads and blocks, turning transmission gears, drilling holes in brake rotors and disk stamping body panels. It can use multiple axes to machine complex engineered parts with tight tolerances and can even complete automated assemblies, simplifying vehicle assembly and helping to reduce production costs.

Aerospace industry

For reasons of passenger safety, aerospace manufacturing requires extremely tight tolerances and high demands on precision. CNC technologies enable everything from milling jet engine components and aircraft wings to turning structural parts and fuselage segments in multi-axis machining. Their precise machining also allows for lightweight design of engine components and complex internal cooling channels that are virtually unmatched by hand.

Medical Device Manufacturing

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly reliant on advanced medical technologies, the parallel rise of computer-controlled manufacturing tools has played a key role in facilitating this, particularly for medical device equipment.

Industrial machinery

The industrial machinery industry relies heavily on modern machine tools to manufacture other machine tools and production systems. From solenoid valve bodies and hydraulic cylinder bodies to machine bases, slides, and spindle components, CNC machines handle a wide range of tolerance milling, drilling, and turning tasks. Examples include injection molding machines, CNC milling machines, water jet cutting machines, welding robots and other capital equipment.

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