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Article: Lunyee Laser Engraving Machine Introduction Description

Lunyee Laser Engraving Machine Introduction Description

In the modern manufacturing and personalization field, laser engraving technology has become one of the indispensable processes with its high precision and efficiency. Lunyee is committed to providing high-quality desktop laser engraving equipment to meet a variety of creative and production needs. In this article, we will introduce the features, configurations and applications of Lunyee's laser engraving equipment to provide you with an in-depth product analysis.

Lunyee Laser Engraving Equipment

Lunyee desktop laser machine series are mainly available in three main models: 3040, 4040 and 1M, which correspond to different processing areas. And there are several choices of laser power, which can be adapted to your different processing needs.

  • The 3040 series laser engraver is Lunyee's compact machine with a processing area of 30mm*40mm suitable for small workspaces and personal studios. Its processing area is suitable for small projects such as jewelry engraving, small sign making and other fine work.
  • The 4040 series offers a larger machining area of 40mm*40mm for medium-sized projects. The versatility of this machine makes it ideal for small businesses and maker spaces, able to cope with more diverse product requirements.
  • The 1M series is Lunyee's large laser engraving machine with a 1 meter range processing area for large projects and mass production.

Core Accessories

  • Lasers

    Lunyee laser engraving machines are equipped with lasers of different powers to accommodate different materials and depths of processing. The higher the power, the higher the intensity of the laser and the greater the speed and depth of engraving and cutting.

  • Control board

    The control board is the brain of the laser engraver, responsible for analyzing user commands and precisely controlling the movement of the laser head. The control boards used in Lunyee machines are highly stable and can ensure continuous operation for long periods without loss of precision.

  • Stepper motor

    Stepper motors are used to accurately control the position of the laser head, ensuring precision engraving and cutting. The stepper motors used in Lunyee laser engravers are reliable and guarantee a smooth and precise process.

  • structural framework

    The structural frame, which includes the machine frame, the machining platform and the drive components, is designed to be robust and to ensure stability at high speeds, thus avoiding vibration-induced machining errors.

  • Power & Software

    The stability of the power supply system directly affects the performance and life of the laser. Lunyee laser engraving machine is equipped with an efficient and reliable power supply system. In terms of software, Lunyee equipment supports LaserGrbl and Lightburn, which have friendly interfaces and powerful functions, and users can choose according to their personal preferences.

  • Application Areas

    Lunyee laser engraving machines are suitable for a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, paper, etc. They can be used in a variety of fields such as artwork production, model making, sign production, education and research.


Lunyee offers laser engraving equipment that meets the needs of a wide range of market segments, from individual hobbyists to professional manufacturers, with a variety of models, powerful features and reliable performance. Whether it's precision craftsmanship or productivity, Lunyee's laser engraving machines offer best-in-class solutions. When you choose Lunyee laser engraving equipment, you are choosing unlimited creative possibilities and guaranteed precision processing. If you are looking for fine engraving and high production efficiency, Lunyee is the brand to trust.

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