Can glass be laser engraved?

Glass has been widely used in many fields, such as architecture, daily necessities, art, medical, and machinery, because of its good light transmittance and decorative properties. Therefore, it is important to process glass, but glass is a transparent and fragile material, which is very difficult to process. However, with the right equipment and technology, it is also easy to produce high quality and fine results on glass.

Laser engraving machines work by generating a concentrated laser beam onto the surface of the material, using high-temperature evaporation to process the material. However, because of the translucent nature of glass, the laser beam can pass right through it, creating many difficulties for glass processing projects.

Glass processing technology

In order to overcome this problem and achieve better engraving results, Lunyee has developed and improved glass laser engraving technology by developing a low-power laser engraving machine that can use a low-power laser beam to create a frosted or matte finish on the glass surface. Another method, called "deep engraving", can use a high power laser beam to vaporize the glass and create deeper engravings.

What should you pay attention to?

Before you start your glass engraving project, you should choose the proper glass type. There are many types of glass materials, some of which are not suitable for laser engraving, such as tempered glass, because they are extremely unstable and tend to become brittle and shatter at high temperatures. There are also some glass coatings that may melt at high temperatures, such as coated glass or laminated glass.


Laser engraving machines can engrave glass, but they require specialized techniques and equipment. In addition, you need to avoid using unsuitable materials to avoid engraving failure. With the right engraving method, you can also engrave high quality and detailed designs on glass.

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