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Article: What are the requirements for laser engraving in pictures?

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What are the requirements for laser engraving in pictures?

Not all photos are suitable for engraving. Photos that produce the best results usually contain a range of shadow depths from light to dark. Photographs that contain large areas of a single color often do not engrave well, especially when engraving on wood. Using different materials to engrave the same photo often results in different engraving effects. For example, a photograph that is perfectly engraved on rough marble will be poorly engraved on glass. Carvings that look beautiful on wood will not have the same effect when worked on stone. What kind of photos are suitable for laser engraving? You need to consider the following factors:

  • This photo has various colors from light to dark. If there are large areas of a single color in the photo, the final engraving may lose a lot of details.
  • Laser engraved images should normally have a resolution of at least 300dpi. If it is necessary, you can increase the resolution shadows of your graphics software by recreating the bitmap. If the photo's resolution is too low, the final engraving may be blurry.


Engraving works best with an image that has a high contrast, rather than a monochrome photo. You should also be aware that the same photo will not engrave exactly the same on different materials.

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What program do you need for a laser engraver?

If you're thinking of using a laser engraver to create your engraving projects, you might be wondering what type of software it uses to run your engraving projects smoothly.

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Can glass be laser engraved?

Can you laser engrave glass? Yes. With the help of a rotary engraving attachment, you can engrave all types of glass all the way round.

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