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Article: What to do when the laser engraving machine cannot operate normally?


What to do when the laser engraving machine cannot operate normally?

The laser engraving machine is an easy-to-use machine. Generally speaking, as long as you follow the instructions to assemble and synthesize, you can start using the engraving machine. The laser engraving machine is small in size, light in weight, fast in speed, high in accuracy and strong in stability. It is loved by many handmade creators. However, no matter how good the engraving machine is, users will encounter various problems in the process of using it. Therefore, we found the following problems during the development and debugging process, and hope to help you.

Problems that will arise: Single axis does not work :X-axis is moving, Y-axis is not moving or Y-axis is moving, X-axis is not moving.

Three axis does not work: XYZ axis is not moving, and the software is stuck after clicking the software.

Solution: When the first situation occurs, it is necessary to actively observe whether the drive module is damaged. If it is damaged, replace the drive.

When the second situation occurs, update the firmware for the first time, refer to the video tutorial (emphasis: first brush GRBL0.9, then brush GRBL1.1)
Check in advance whether the wire sequence of the stepper motor is wrong (provide wiring pictures, refer to related videos for the method of adjusting wire sequence).

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