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Article: Sales case: Servo motors for CNC lathes

Sales case: Servo motors for CNC lathes

John runs a small local parts machining business. In 2021, he invested in a new CNC lathe to improve productivity and accuracy. Machining a wider variety of machinery and equipment, however, the machine recently had some issues with its servo motors that caused some disruption to his machining program and John wanted to find a better solution.

Customer needs

John's main concern was to find a motor that could meet the growing demand for customized parts without compromising quality. He was looking for a motor that was energy efficient, reliable, and able to run continuously for long periods of time without overheating, in addition to a motor that was stable and reliable and didn't break down too often, as downtime would severely impact his production schedule.


After discussing John's concerns and requirements, we communicated with him about the machining needs of the CNC lathe to determine the parameters of the servo motor. The final recommendation for his CNC lathe was a 2000W 220V servo AC motor and drive. This motor is designed for industrial applications and offers several advantages over traditional DC motors. This servo motor provides more torque and power. It is capable of delivering 2000W of power and 9.55Nm of torque, which is more than enough to meet the growing demand for customized parts. In addition, this servo motor from Lunyee has an IP67 rating, which is a high level of protection that makes it difficult to be affected by the external environment.


John was very pleased with the 2000W 220V servo AC motor with driver that we recommended. The parameters we recommended were spot on and he is happy with the precision and accuracy the motor provides as well as the increased torque and power it provides. After installing the new motors, the motors have maintained a steady speed and he has also been able to produce more parts in a shorter period of time.

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