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Article: Sales case: CNC engraving machines for wood carving

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Sales case: CNC engraving machines for wood carving

Client Background

Spencer is a woodworking enthusiast who runs a small workshop in his hometown. Spencer has always had a passion for woodworking and has been making wood products such as car charms, acrylic lamps, keychains and other small items for friends and family for many years. Recently, he decided to sell his products online. However, his previous equipment wasn't up to the task of selling in large quantities, efficiently, and he was struggling to find a way to help him make wood products.

Customer needs

Spencer was looking for a machine that could help him create custom wood products with intricate designs and patterns. The machine had to be easy to use, precise and able to handle a variety of wood types. In addition, he needed the machine to allow him to create products with a professional style without sacrificing quality or detail.

Solution Recommendation

After researching various options, we recommended him our CNC router for wood carving, the 3018 Pro Max. Equipped with a 500w spindle, this engraving machine of ours can easily carve deeper patterns in hardwoods and carve out items with precise details, it is compatible with a wide range of wood types and sizes. The body takes only ten minutes to assemble, and the operation is even easier, we are equipped with an operating manual with online explanation video, even novice carvers can operate it smoothly. During the communication process, we showed Spencer our finished carving and took a video of the carving, he expressed his great peace of mind.


Spencer was very happy with the solution we provided, he said he was worried about the performance of the engraving machine, but we provided him with a test of the machine and the finished engraved product to address his concerns. Upon receipt of the product, he immediately assembled it according to the instructions and then tested it on a wooden board and was thrilled with the results. He was thrilled with the results. He said the machine was exactly what we said it would be.

Problems encountered

In communicating with Spencer, we encountered a number of challenges. First, Spencer had limited knowledge of CNC machines and their functions. To address his concerns, we provided detailed explanations and demonstrations of the machine's features and functions. Additionally, Spencer was concerned about the maintenance of the machine, and we explained in detail how to maintain the machine.

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cnc machine

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