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Article: Sales case: CNC router for small processing companies

Sales case: CNC router for small processing companies

John is running a small custom furniture business. He started the business three years ago, initially working out of his garage. Over the years, having built up a good reputation in the local area, his business has been growing steadily and he recently moved his business to a larger workshop to accommodate his growing customer base. However, due to equipment issues, he has been concerned about being able to meet customer deadlines. As a result, he recently planned to purchase a desktop engraving machine to ease the pressure.

Customer needs

During our conversation with John, we learned that he wanted a machine that was easy to use and easy to operate due to limited labor. In addition, he needed a machine that could handle the intricate designs and precise cuts required for customized furniture. He needed a machine that could handle a variety of materials including wood, plastic and metal and also required that the finished carving had a smooth surface to minimize follow-up work. In addition, John was looking for a machine that was easy to operate and maintain, as his technical knowledge and resources were limited.

Solution Recommendation

After understanding John's needs and concerns, we recommended the Lunyee 500W 80*80cm Desktop CNC Router Spindle Engraver. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, this is a versatile CNC router that can process a variety of materials, including wood, plastic and metal. It has a power of 500W and a cutting speed of 8000mm/m, with an engraving error of just 0.01mm, which ensures accurate and smooth cutting. The machine also features an 8,080cm engraving area, enabling John to complete larger projects with ease. It's worth noting that despite being so powerful, the body of the machine is not complex, which reduces the chance of it breaking down.


After using the Lunyee 500W 80*80cm Benchtop CNC Router Spindle Engraver for a month, John says he found that the machine was able to handle the intricate designs and precise cuts required for customized furniture with ease, and with consistent quality of the finished product. When it comes to mass production, there is also very little error in the finished product between batches.

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