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Article: Introduction of Lunyee CNC equipment

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Introduction of Lunyee CNC equipment

In the field of precision machining, numerical control (CNC) technology has become the core of manufacturing. Lunyee, as a supplier with many years of experience in the industry, has also developed and produced a series of high-efficiency and high-precision CNC desktop machining equipment over the years to meet production tasks of different sizes and needs. In this article, we will focus on Lunyee's CNC equipment, introducing its features, main accessories and respective applicable scenarios, aiming to give you a better understanding of Lunyee's CNC equipment.

Lunyee CNC equipment type

Lunyee's CNC machines include three main types of desktop CNC machining centers: the 3018 series, the 8080 series, and the 1325 series, all of which have different machining areas and different machining intensities. All Lunyee CNC machines include spindles, control systems, transmission systems and structural frames and other major accessories. The spindle is mainly divided into 500w, 1.5kw and 2.2kw three levels, matching different sizes and different machining intensity requirements. The control software mainly uses Candle software, equipped with a three-axis or four-axis control system. The transmission system is mainly through the stepping motor and belt transmission power, if you have special requirements, can also be changed to servo motor transmission. The body structure of the CNC machine is mainly made of metal, which can effectively support the operation of the whole machine.

Series Introduction

  • 3018 Series

    The 3018 series is an entry-level desktop CNC solution from Lunyee. With its compact design and modest machining area, it is particularly suitable for small workshops and hobbyists for small parts machining. Despite its small size, the 3018 series still delivers excellent accuracy and reliability.

  • 8080 Series

    The 8080 series is a CNC machine designed for medium-sized projects. It has a moderate machining area of 800mm*800mm*90mm, which allows it to handle larger parts while maintaining high machining accuracy. This series is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for medium-sized production.

  • 1325 Series

    The 1325 series is a high-end CNC solution from Lunyee. With an extremely large machining area and powerful machine capabilities, these machines are ideally suited for mass-production environments. The 1325 Series is capable of taking on heavy machining tasks while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Core Accessories & Features

  • Spindle

    Lunyee CNC machines are equipped with spindles of varying power, including 500W, 1.5KW and 2.2KW. These spindle options allow users to choose the right model based on the hardness of the material being machined and the machining speed required, ensuring stability and efficiency during the machining process.

  • Control board

    The machine's control board is the brain of machining accuracy, and Lunyee offers 3-axis and 4-axis control boards, as well as Mach3-compatible versions. These control boards support complex machining programs and meet diverse design needs.

  • Electrical machinery

    The motors used on Lunyee CNC machines include both stepper motors and servo motors. Stepper motors are suitable for most standard applications, while servo motors offer higher precision and speed for more demanding specialized machining.

  • Structural framework

    The structural frame consists of the basic machine frame, machined parts, and transmission components. The frame of the Lunyee CNC machine is designed to be robust to ensure stability during the machining process and to minimize errors due to vibration.

  • Power & Software

    Stable power supply is the basis for the normal operation of CNC equipment. Lunyee CNC equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency power supply system. In terms of software, Candle, as the control software, provides an intuitive interface and powerful functions to make the operation easy and simple.

  • Application Areas

    Lunyee CNC machines are suitable for processing a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and aluminum alloy. These machines are widely used in mold making, woodcraft, advertising design, education, and research.

  • Conclusion

    Lunyee's CNC desktop CNC machining equipment meets the diverse needs of the market, from the individual hobbyist to the professional manufacturer, with its diverse lineup, powerful feature configurations, and wide range of applications. Whether it's accuracy, stability, or efficiency, Lunyee's products deliver industry-leading performance. When you choose Lunyee CNC equipment, you are choosing reliable quality and a superior machining experience. Lunyee's equipment is a quality choice for professionals seeking superior machining quality and efficiency.

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