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Article: What is G-code in a CNC machine?

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What is G-code in a CNC machine?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry to control, automate, and monitor various machining processes. G-code is the basic language of a CNC machine that precisely guides the movement and operation of the machine. In this paper, we will explore the intricacies of G-code in CNC machines, emphasizing its importance and application in the automotive industry.

Understanding G-code

  • Origin of G-code

    G-code was originally developed by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) in the 1950s as a standardized programming language for CNC machines. The main goal was to enable seamless communication between different machines and their controllers.

  • G-code building blocks

    G-code consists of several instructions, known as "G-code" and "M-code," that control various aspects of CNC machine operations. These instructions are combined to form a complete program that directs the movement and action of the machine. G-codes are the main instructions of the G-code language. They determine the positioning, movement, and overall machining operations of the machine. Some common examples include:

    G00: Rapid positioning to move the tool quickly to the desired position without cutting.

    G01: With linear interpolation, the tool moves along a straight line between two points when cutting material.

    G02: Circular interpolation: the tool moves along the clockwise circular trajectory.

    G03: Circular interpolation: the tool moves along the counterclockwise circular path.

    M codes are used to control auxiliary functions of the machine, such as starting or stopping the spindle, changing tools, or activating coolant. Some common M codes include:

    M03: Spindle start (clockwise rotation).

    M04: Spindle start (counterclockwise rotation).

    M05: Spindle stop.

    M06: Switchblade.

Practical application of G-code

When a CNC machine is given a G-code program, it interprets the instructions line by line and performs the specified operation. The machine's controller processes the G-code and M-code, converting them into electrical signals that drive the machine's motors and other components. This allows the CNC machine to achieve the desired motions and movements with high precision and repeatability.


G-code is an integral part of CNC machine tools and serves as the language for communicating a series of precise instructions to control machine movements and operations. Its standardized structure and adaptability have made it an indispensable tool for the motor industry to efficiently produce complex parts with high precision and accuracy. As technology continues to advance, G-code will undoubtedly remain a key element in CNC machining, contributing to the continued success of the motor industry.

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