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Article: How to be safe when using a laser engraving machine?

How to be safe when using a laser engraving machine?

engraving machines are widely used and are welcomed by many industries because of their high engraving accuracy and fast engraving speed. As a user, to make the laser engraving machine play its role better, we should pay attention to the following points during we use it:

  1. Don't look directly at the laser when the machine is running, and wear goggles to prevent eye injury
  2. When the laser engraving machine is working, don't open the cover.
  3. When processing wood and paper, please pay attention to the processing speed to avoid fire.
  4. Keep ventilation during the working process of the machine and turn on the smoke extraction equipment. There is a risk of fire when laser engraving flammable materials, and chemical reactions may also occur when cutting some materials to produce harmful substances, so it is very important to maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation.
  5. When you are engraving materials, make sure that the workpiece carrier is more than 2 cm away from the table.


There are many precautions for the laser engraving machine in daily use. If you do not pay attention to these matters, it may reduce the service life of the laser engraving machine and bring us losses. In order to make the laser engraving machine work better for us, we can avoid these unnecessary problems during we use it.

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How can I check my laser performance?

It is important to frequently examine the performance of the laser because it has an impact on the quality of the items produced by laser and check out these useful tips.

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What software does Lunyee’s engraving machine use?

The most popular engraving machine software is LaserGRBL, LaserEngraver, and Lightburn. You may more easily grasp which software is supported by particular system by using the table below.

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