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Article: What software does Lunyee’s engraving machine use?


What software does Lunyee’s engraving machine use?

We have a wide variety of engraving machines, and sometimes the software supported by different types of engraving machines is not exactly the same. In general, the more frequently used softwares are LaserGRBL, LaserEngraver, and Lightburn. Most machines support LaserGRBL and Lightburn software, LaserEngraver software is mostly used for 3-axis engraving The table below can help you understand this question more intuitively.

this pic is about different OS supported by laser machines.

What are the characteristics of them?

These three softwares are suitable for Win XP, Win7, and above systems. Although LaserGRBL is open-source software, it has many functions. This software supports preview, multiple languages, strong and weak light functions. At the same time, it supports 2-axis and 3-axis engraving, as well as G-code engraving. Lightburn is paid software and supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. Also supports NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, and PNG image formats. LaserEngraver is not open-source software, it can directly reverse the axis, and supports 2-axis and 3-axis engraving at the same time. Text editing, image import, and external G-code file import are also available. It supports dot matrix black and white, dot matrix grayscale, etc., as well as the adjustment of laser power, dot matrix engraving time, and line engraving speed during the engraving process.


A simple understanding of the engraving machine software before purchasing the engraving machine also helps to choose a machine that meets our usage habits, and also reduces some unnecessary troubles.

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