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Article: How can I check my laser performance?


How can I check my laser performance?

When we buy a new laser or check the laser regularly, we need to judge whether the laser can work normally or whether the working condition is good, so what daily methods can we use to check it? There are three tips to help us check if the laser is working well.

  1. The laser will have a small test wire, which can be tested directly by connecting it to the power adapter, if it lights up after connecting with the power adapter, and emit a strong light, it means that the laser device is good, but this method can't test the PWM function.
  2. Then, link the laser device to the software through the control board, after the connection is completed, open the software, if the laser does not light up, it is normal, if the laser keeps on is abnormal.
  3. Use the strong and weak light function of the software, if it can be used normally, and the second step test is normal, it means that there is no problem with the laser device.

What is a laser? What types of lasers are there?

A laser is a device that emits a beam of coherent light through a process of optical amplification. There are many types of lasers, including CO2 lasers, Resonant Fiber Lasers, and Semiconductor lasers. Lunyee's lasers are mainly Resonant Fiber lasers, and there are also a small number of CO2 lasers.

Why do we need to check laser performance? How often should I check?

The performance of the laser will affect the quality of the laser engraving products, so it is necessary to regularly check its performance. According to the frequency of use, the inspection frequency of the laser varies. Generally speaking, if we use it normally, it is enough to check once a week. However, if it is used frequently at high intensity or for a long time, the frequency of inspection needs to be increased.


Laser is an essential part of laser engraving machine . Regular inspection of the operation and performance of the laser has a great impact on the production of high-quality laser engraving products.

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Can laser engraving machine engrave stainless steel?

Lunyee laser engraving machine mainly supports the commom stainless steel types on the market, such as 301, 304, and 316. It can also be used to engrave soft metals such as aluminum and copper.

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How to be safe when using a laser engraving machine?

As a user, to make the laser engraving machine play its role better, we should pay attention to the following points during we use it, so, what should be done to ensure our safety when using a lase...

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