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Article: How long does a laser engraver take to engrave?

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How long does a laser engraver take to engrave?

Laser engraving is a fast and efficient process, but the engraving time required for a project may vary depending on several factors. Lunyee's laser works quickly and can engrave at speeds from 0 to 500 cm/min. However, specific engraving times also need to be considered for setup, processing, and completion times.

Setting up engraving jobs

Setup time includes fixing the item to be engraved, focusing the laser, and programming the correct laser settings and path for the engraving design. Simple engraving jobs may take only a few minutes to set up, while complex or multi-position engravings may take 30 minutes or more to fully program. The proficiency of the Laser engraver will also affect how long the process takes.

Engraving time

The actual laser engraving time depends on several factors, including the complexity and size of the engraving, the material being engraved, and the power of the laser. Engraving a simple text logo on a 2x3 inch sized piece of aluminum using a 50 to 100 W laser may only take a few minutes. But engraving a complex image on 12x24-inch wood can take more than an hour, depending on the laser power and the type of wood.

Finishing and processing

Once the carving is complete, the material may require some finishing and treatment, such as wiping away excess debris, applying a sealer to the wood, or polishing and cleaning the metal surface. These additional steps usually take 10 to 30 minutes, but for larger or more complex projects, the process may take longer.


Although laser engraving is very fast, the time taken to engrave a project will vary depending on the material, laser power, and complexity of the project.

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