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Article: How accurate is the laser engraving machine?


How accurate is the laser engraving machine?

Whenever the advantages of a laser engraving machine are mentioned, everyone will say that it is high-pression. Do you know how accurate the laser engraving machine is? Laser processing is an efficient, safe, and extremely precise method compared to other traditional processing techniques. Ideally, laser cutting can be focused at about 25 microns, which is about ¼ the width of a human hair. In addition, it can cut widths of less than 0.001 inches, and dimensional accuracy errors can even be maintained at around 0.0005 inches.

How to improve accuracy?

The higher the accuracy, the clearer the pattern of your processed products, the smaller the engraving and cutting errors, and the better the processing results. If you want to further improve your processing accuracy, you can consider the material type, laser beam size, and table accuracy. Smoother materials can provide you with more accurate results. Using a smaller laser beam spot size will ensure finer cuts than a wider spot size. In addition, the stability of the table will also affect your processing accuracy. An unstable table may generate vibration during operation, reducing processing accuracy.


If you need to do high-precision processing, a laser engraving machine is a right choice for you. If you want to further improve the processing accuracy, you can also consider the processing material, laser beam size, table, and other factors.

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