3018 CNC Series Y-Axis to 3040 Extension Kit T-Slot Table Aluminum Spoilboard

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Model 2.0 Version 3.0 Version
2040V*520mm Aluminum profile 2pcs
Optical axis Φ10*520mm 2pcs
Screw T8*525mm 1pcs
Aluminum profile 15180-300mm 1pcs
Aluminum profile 2040V*110mm 2pcs
Hexagon socket M5*25 Screw 8pcs
T M5-30 Screw 8pcs 20pcs
MDF 300*360*12 (delivery with screws)~KCK / 1pcs
Hexagon socket M5*16-12.9 Screw / 12pcs
Internal and external tooth nut M6*10 countersunk nut / 1pcs
Extended inner hex wrench 6mm / 1pcs
Allen wrench / 1pcs*No. 4
Packing Size 500*445*210mm 500*445*210mm
Weight 4KG 10KG