24V 20W Optical Power Cutting Engraving Tools Head

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Material Capability

  • Plywood, ACrylic MDF


  • Voltage: 24V
  • Optical Power: 20W
  • Diode: 4pcs
  • TTL/PWM:0-5V
  • Air tube size: inside-5mm, outside-8mm
  • Air Assist: Yes
  • Laser Position: cross line
  • We suggest use the Laser with air assist! If air assist is not applied, the maximum effect of the laser will not be achieved
  • Please clean the laser lens regularly with high concentration alcohol. Please refer to the above video for the specific cleaning process

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Care Instructions

  • The laser light emitted by the laser module is likely to injure persons'eye, so do not directly gaze its end surface and wear appropriate safety glasses to prevent laser light when it is working.
  • Laser module needs an appropriate laser driver(PCB). When the laser module connects with power supply, please set the output voltage to zero. The adjustment of the current should be slowly increased or decrease to avoid damaging the device.
  • Keep the device working or storing in a dry environment. The anti-dust grade is over one million, in order to prevent dust inside the lens to affect the laser dot shape.
  • Working at high temperatures will increase the threshold current, reduce conversion efficiency and speed up the aging of the device.
  • When output power is higher than it's specific parameter of operation, it will accelerate the aging of the device.
  • When the operation temperature of the laser diode is over 70degree, please do well heat dissipation of it.
  • This laser module is an electrostatic sensitive device. Please make sure ground yourself or wear an antistatic wrist strap before you take it
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Product Infomation May Help You

Optical Output 20 or 10W
Wavelength 455(±5mm)
Laser Spot 0.08* 0.10mm
Input Voltage/Current 24V=3A
Light Path Focused Beam
Laser Beam Mode Dotted
Laser Diode 4 Beam
Focal Length 40(±1mm)
Laser Cable 80cm 3p-4p
Working Mode Pulse work
Working Temperature 0℃ to 70℃
Working Time 10000H
Housing size 66*68*149mm
Optical Lens φ10/glass
Fan 24V 7500rpm
Product Material Aluminum 6061
Package Weight 1kg
24V 20W Optical Power Cutting Engraving Tools Head 24V 20W Optical Power Cutting Engraving Tools Head 24V 20W Optical Power Cutting Engraving Tools Head 24V 20W Optical Power Cutting Engraving Tools Head 24V 20W Optical Power Cutting Engraving Tools Head