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Article: Mold processing: the application of engraving machines


Mold processing: the application of engraving machines

Mold has always been known as the "mother of industry" and has been widely used in all walks of life. Therefore, the processing of the mold is also very important. Selecting the appropriate mold processing tools can achieve high efficiency, precision requirements and surface quality.

What is mold?

Molds are tools used to make shaped products, which require high precision, complex shapes, and relatively high requirements for surface roughness and processing accuracy. In industrial production, various molds and tools are often used to obtain the required products by various processing methods. There are also many types of molds, which can be divided into molds for processing metal and molds for processing non-metal and powder metallurgy according to the processing object and processing technology. Molds for processing non-metal mainly include plastic molds, rubber molds, and powder metallurgy molds. The mold is a precision tool with a complex shape and bears the bulging force of the billet. It has high requirements for structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness, and machining accuracy. The development level of mold production is one of the important symbols of the level of mechanical manufacturing.

Mold Common Materials

The manufacture of molds generally goes through several processes such as forging, cutting, and heat treatment. To ensure the manufacturing quality of the mold and reduce the production cost, the material should have good forge ability, machinability, hardenability,, and grind ability; it should also have small oxidation, decarburization sensitivity, and quenching Deformation cracking tendency. Therefore, the most important factors to consider in the selection of mold materials are thermal stability and machinability. Commonly used materials mainly include plastic, steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, and stainless steel.

Advantages of engraving machine processing mold

laser engraving machine : Precision laser cutting is an ideal tool for engraving and processing complex and precise molds. There are many advantages to laser machining molds. First, it can engrave complex contours with very high precision, and the engraved molds have a high degree of consistency. In addition, lasers also have great advantages when engraving molds with changing vertical wall angles. Lunyee's Laser Engraver for Metal can produce small, complex, and precise molds. Since the geometry is generated directly from the CAD file with minimal human intervention, the laser machining operation can perfectly reproduce your design.

CNC router

For enterprises in aerospace, automobile and other fields, some new product mold parts and mold shapes are very complicated, and the requirements for machining accuracy are also very high. CNC multi-axis CNC router has high precision, high integration and complete processing capabilities, which can well solve the precision and cycle problems of complex mold parts processing in the new product development process, greatly shorten the development cycle and improve the success rate of new products.

As an economical and practical processing technology, laser texturing is suitable for irregular curved surfaces and complex 3D molds, and can produce clear and clean texture effects. The combination of laser processing and CNC multi-axis processing technology can be applied to the processing and production of various complex molds to produce more refined and excellent products.


Compared with traditional chemical etching processing tooling, engraving machine processing is more automated and less dependent on manual labor, allowing for efficient and repeatable texturing and complex 2D or 3D marking on objects, which is of great significance in improving production efficiency.

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