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Article: 5 CNC routers common issues and solutions

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5 CNC routers common issues and solutions

CNC routers are relatively common processing equipment, and you can see them in many industries. But no matter how good the machine is, once it is used for a long time, it will inevitably cause problems. Many people still know little about the structure and performance of CNC routers, and how to solve these problems is another headache. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the common problems and solutions of CNC routers .

NO.1 Why does the machine fail to start or get an exception on startup?

If no buttons on the control panel light up, look behind the screen or panel for a power source and check to make sure it's working. If all is well, the fuse at the back may be blown.

NO.2 What if one or three axes do not move or move irregularly?

If there is a problem with the shaft, first check whether the software settings are correct, and then check whether the control card and the corresponding coupling are loose or faulty.

NO.3 Why does the knife often break when engraving hard materials?

If you engrave hard materials, you need to set different engraving parameters according to different materials, and you also need to replace different tools and choose appropriate lubricants.

NO.4 Why does the CNC router sometimes move forward or right when setting the origin, and the distance is not fixed?

A problem with the CNC router setting the origin may be a faulty limit switch. When the system returns to the origin of the system, the limit switch is closed and then bounces up, at this time, it is only necessary to replace the limit switch. If the drive train is loose, tighten it as tightly as possible.

NO.5 How to solve the problem that the computer signal of the engraving machine cannot be transmitted?

When the computer signal cannot be transmitted, first check whether there is a problem with the software parameter setting. If there is a problem, you need to reset the parameter. If there is no problem, check whether the offline button is turned off. Then replace the computer interface, re-adjust the baud rate.


Hopefully, after reading the problems and solutions listed above, you will have a better understanding of CNC routers, which will help you prevent problems more easily, and you will know how to identify problems and solve them when they occur.

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