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Article: What affects the engraving effect of laser engraver?

What affects the engraving effect of laser engraver?

When we use the laser engraving machine, we always hope to get the best engraving effect. Do you know what affects the engraving quality of the laser engraving machine?

    • Focus position of laser engraving machine

Whether the focus position of the laser engraving machine is accurate will affect the final engraving effect. The laser can have the maximum power and maximum intensity only at the focal point. If the focal point is not correct, the final processed effect will not be good.

    • Laser moving speed

The moving speed of the laser is also an important factor affecting the engraving effect. If the laser moves too fast, the shorter the contact time between the laser and the surface of the material, the worse the final engraving effect will be.

    • Heat dissipation of the laser

A good heat dissipation system is the prerequisite for the laser engraving machine to work stably and continuously. The laser engraving machine will release a lot of heat during operation. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, it will affect the circuit system of the engraving machine, heat up the machine, and increase the probability of machine failure.

    • Processing materials

The same laser engraving machine processes different materials, and the final engraving effect will be different.


To get the best engraving result possible, determine the focus, set the engraving speed of the engraving machine, make a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation, and choose proper engraving material, and finally engrave.

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Laser engraving causes chemical or physical changes to the surface of a material. The following are factors that affect the speed of laser engraving.

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Can a laser engrave metal?

Lunyee's metal laser engravers can permanently, easily and quickly mark on soft metals like aluminum or hard metals or alloys like steel.

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