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Article: Can a laser engrave metal?

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Can a laser engrave metal?

Laser engraving machines can process a variety of materials, such as wood, density laminated panels, acrylic, two-color panels, glass, varnished copper panels, etc. According to different processing materials, Lunyee's laser engraving machines can be divided into woodworking engraving machines, metal engraving machines, acrylic engraving machines and leather engraving machines. Working with metal requires a Laser Engraver for Metal . Metal laser engravers can permanently, easily and quickly mark on soft metals like aluminum or hard metals or alloys like steel. Applications range from traceability labels to the personalization of promotional items.


Laser Engraving Metal Advantages

  • With non-contact marking, no material consumables or tool wear will occur, reducing processing costs.
  • Various processing methods, such as laser annealing, laser engraving, and laser etching. Laser annealing can produce permanent corrosion-resistant laser markings without damaging the metal surface.
  • Processed products are traceable, such as QR codes, bar codes and special medical marks.


If you wish to process metal, you might pick aLaser Engraver for Metal.It can process metal materials efficiently, quickly, and permanently with high precision. Laser processing metal does not cause material waste, reducing your processing costs.


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