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Article: Sales case: Laser engraving machine solutions

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Sales case: Laser engraving machine solutions

Client Background

Mr. Patrick Cupillari, a purchasing specialist for a U.S. trading company, was looking for more cost-effective suppliers to obtain better purchase prices and better quality products. In order to further expand its product range, the company has decided to develop its handicrafts and personalized goods business. Therefore, Mr. Patrick needed to purchase laser engraving machines in bulk. While browsing through the Ali platform, Mr. Patrick saw Lunyee's laser engraving machine products. So he contacted us and asked for specific laser engraving machine models.


Customer Needs

Mr. Patrick is looking for laser engraving machine with competitive price and high product quality. He needs detailed information about the machine's technical parameters, configuration and engraving capabilities. In addition, he needs technical assistance from his supplier on usage, installation and troubleshooting to ensure smooth operation of subsequent jobs.

Solution Recommendation

To demonstrate our sincerity, the Lunyee team provided comprehensive and detailed information, including technical specifications, configuration details, and example pictures and videos demonstrating the engraving results. To address Mr. Patrick's use and installation questions, the team provided an operator's manual, installation diagrams, and instructional videos covering all aspects of equipment use, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Patrick was very satisfied with the quality, cost-effectiveness and comprehensive support provided by Lunyee. Through our full range of services, Mr. Patrick completely resolved his previous concerns. He purchased our laser engraving machines in bulk and resold them in the U.S. market with very good sales results. Due to the reliable quality of products and after-sales service, Mr. Patrick has maintained a long-term relationship with us since 2020.

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2023VIIF, Lunyee is looking forward to meeting you again!

The Lunyee Company took part in VIIF 2023, which was held in Hanoi in 2023, and showcased motor goods and a line of engraving machines there, which caught people' interest.

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Lunyee will participate in Pakistan Industrial Expo 2023 and Henan Export Commodities Exhibition

Lunyee Company will bring CNC engraving machines, rear axles, electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and other products to participate in the exhibition in Lahore, Pakistan.

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