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Article: Why is my laser engraver not lighting up?


Why is my laser engraver not lighting up?

You may encounter some problems when using a laser engraving machine. Today, I will take the problem of the laser engraving machine not lit as an example to explain how to find the cause and solve the problem.

  • Current Problem: Check the ammeter status of the laser machine by pressing the control panel test button. The ammeter will give you a reading to tell you whether the machine is working properly.
  • Power Issue: The laser engraving machine may not be lit because the power supply is not inserted correctly or is turned off.
  • Laser tube: the laser tube is responsible for emitting the laser beam. The laser may not light up if the tube is damaged or does not work properly. This could be caused by cracks, leaks or other damage.
  • Laser head: The laser may not light up if the laser head is damaged or if debris is blocking the laser beam.
  • Software Settings: The engraving software you are using may not be properly configured or set up to work with your particular laser engraving machine. This may cause the laser to not shine.

How to solve these problems?

  • Current: Press the test key of the control panel to check the current meter status. If there is no current, check the power supply. If there is a current, there may be a problem with the machine and further inspection is required.
  • Power supply: Check whether the laser engraving machine is properly inserted into the power supply and whether it is turned on. Check the power cord and connections to make sure they are not loose or damaged.
  • Laser tube: Inspect the laser tube for cracks, leaks, or other damage. If the tube is damaged, it may need to be replaced.
  • Laser head: Inspect the laser head for any damage or debris that could obstruct the laser beam. If the laser head is damaged, it may need replacing.
  • Software Settings: Check the settings in the engraving software carefully to make sure they are properly configured for your laser engraving machine.


If none of these steps resolves the issue, it is best to contact the manufacturer or a professional repair service for further assistance.

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