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Article: What types of projects are suitable for a CNC router?


What types of projects are suitable for a CNC router?

CNC routers are general purpose machines for cutting and engraving various materials, with high accuracy and repeatability. This paper discusses the types of projects suitable for CNC routers and their capabilities, applications, and benefits in various industries.

Project Types for CNC Routers

CNC routers are suitable for various projects in various industries.

  • Woodworking: CNC routers are used in the woodworking industry for cutting and forming wood, producing furniture parts, creating intricate designs on cabinet doors, and manufacturing custom styling and wood products.
  • Make Signs: CNC routers cut and engraved signage materials such as acrylic, aluminum and PVC, making them ideal for creating custom signs, logos and size lettering.
  • Metalworking: CNC routers can be used to cut and form non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass for the production of custom parts, housings and decorative elements.
  • Plastic Manufacturing: CNC routers are ideal for processing all types of plastics, including acrylic, polycarbonate, and PVC, making them ideal for producing custom displays, casings, and prototypes.
  • In addition, CNC routers are often used for art projects, prototyping, etc.


CNC routers are versatile machines suitable for a wide range of projects in various industries thanks to their high accuracy and repeatability in processing different materials. In many industries, CNC routers are indispensable tools for producing high-quality custom products while minimizing waste and simplifying manufacturing processes.

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