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Article: What materials can I engrave with my CNC router?

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What materials can I engrave with my CNC router?

Whether before buying a CNC router or after getting it, you may have doubts about which materials can work on it. Is a certain material that I want to use also available? Typically, CNC routers can engrave most materials, especially in the following industries:

  1. Wood products industry
  2. Materials are mainly wood, medium density fiberboard and plywood. Such as wooden furniture, announcement signs made of plywood and MDF, and various molds.
  3. Acrylic, plexiglass and other plastics
  4. Engraving machines using CNC technology are widely used in the industry for cutting and engraving acrylic, plexiglass, and other plastics, the most common of which mainly include signs made of acrylic and plexiglass and parts for the LED lighting industry, as well as various acrylic and organic Glass product.
  5. Metallic material
  6. The variety of drills and blades available with CNC routers allows you to cut and engrave hard metals such as aluminum, brass, and even steel at higher power. Specifically, industrial parts made of aluminum, steel, or brass, souvenirs made of aluminum, steel, or brass, etc.

Useful tips

If you need to change the cutting material, you will also need to make changes to the machine, such as switching knives. Besides, the best speed and best position for metal are less than for wood. If you've worked on wood and then start working on metal, remember to adjust the speed and position, otherwise, your knives will start to wear out faster or break more often, and the finished product will be much less effective.


Most materials can be processed on CNC engraving machines, but it is necessary to change the suitability of the processing materials, adjust the machine configuration in time, and replace the tools. If you encounter any problems in the process of using the device, you can contact us to answer them for you.

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