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Article: What is the best engraving machine?

What is the best engraving machine?

In recent years, with the demand for personalization, laser engraving has become more and more popular in the art and customization industry. However, there are many different types of engraving machines on the market, so if you are a first-time buyer, it may be difficult to know which engraving machine is best for you. Next I will help you choose the best engraving machine for you in terms of engraving material, design type, application, and budget.

Factors you need to consider

  • Engraving material. There are several types of engraving machines, but different engraving machines are not suitable for processing exactly the same materials. Laser engravers are often used to engrave wood, leather, soft metals, etc. CO2 laser engravers can handle a wide range of non-metallic materials.
  • Object shape. If you are only engraving on a flat object, any ordinary laser engraver will do. But if it is a cylindrical object, you need to choose an engraving machine with a rotary axis.
  • Machine size. Smaller engraving machines are more convenient and more adaptable to work in small spaces, but they are affected by the size of their own working area and cannot handle large engraving projects.
  • Engraving projects. If you want to do 3D engraving, a multi-axis CNC engraving machine is definitely a good choice.

Lunyee has many years of experience in the engraving machine industry, and the company even has many types of CNC machines , such as metal engraving machines, woodworking engraving machines, metal engraving machines, and multi-axis CNC engraving machines, among other products.


There are many types of engraving machines and it may be difficult to select one, but you can choose the right engraving machine for you by understanding your engraving project.

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