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Article: Sales case: Laser head for cutting


Sales case: Laser head for cutting

Jane enjoys crafting and has been exploring various woodworking techniques and tools to create unique and personalized wood products. She has a home benchtop laser engraver at home and often carves intricate designs into wood. However, with prolonged use, she recently realized that the laser's performance had deteriorated and she wanted to find a laser that could cut through wood panels.

Customer needs

Jane was looking for a high quality laser head that would help her achieve precise and intricate engravings in wood. She wanted a laser head that was easy to use, reliable and capable of producing fine patterns. This laser head must be able to cut wood panels, acrylic and other commonly used sheets.

Solution Recommendation

After considering Jane's deep engraving needs, and details such as size, we recommended a 24V 20W cutting and engraving laser head from Lunyee. This laser head can be used for precision cutting and engraving on a variety of materials including wood. It has a fine cursor that ensures precise and detailed engraving. In addition, this laser is so powerful that it can cut 5mm MDF, 8mm acrylic and 10mm plywood, which makes it a very powerful cutter to meet her cutting needs.


After listening to our presentation, Jane said that this laser head fits her needs perfectly. The laser head fits perfectly on her existing engraving machine and produces high quality engravings on all types of wood. She was also pleasantly surprised by how clean and smooth the edges of the cut and engraved products were.

Problems encountered

In communicating with Jane, we encountered some challenges. Jane's laser engraving machine was so old that she couldn't remember the power of the machine. In order to make the power of the laser head meet her usage needs, we asked her about the materials she engraves on a daily basis, and finally chose the laser with the right power.

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