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Article: How do you test laser intensity?


How do you test laser intensity?

Laser intensity is the power or energy contained in a laser beam. Testing the intensity of a laser is a critical step in ensuring its proper operation and safety. Several techniques can be used to measure the intensity of a laser, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Method of calculating laser intensity

  1. One of the most common ways to test the intensity of a laser is to use a power meter. A power meter is a device that measures the power of a laser beam by detecting the amount of light emitted by the laser beam. With a power meter, the laser beam is directed to the device's sensor, and the reading is displayed in watts or milliwatts.
  2. Another way to test the intensity of a laser is to use a photodiode. A photodiode is a photosensitive device that generates an electric current when exposed to light. When a laser beam is directed at the photodiode, the amount of current generated by the photodiode is proportional to the intensity of the laser. Photodiodes are often used in combination with an ammeter to measure the intensity of the laser.
  3. In addition to power meters and photodiodes, beam analyzers can be used to test laser intensity. A beam analyzer is a device that provides a visual representation of the intensity and spatial distribution of the laser beam. By analyzing the laser beam profile, the beam analyzer can determine the intensity of the laser and identify any variations or aberrations in the beam.
  4. You can also test the laser intensity by measuring the output of the laser itself. This can be done by focusing the laser beam onto the target using a calibrated optical device, such as a lens or mirror. The laser intensity can then be calculated by measuring the energy absorbed by the target and determining the power density of the beam.


The intensity of your laser is the factor that ensures you can perform your processing project properly. There are also many techniques for measuring laser intensity and you can choose the right method to measure your laser intensity based on your needs, available equipment, and other factors such as power meters, photodiodes, beam analyzers, and direct output measurements.

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