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Article: Do I need a computer to use the laser engraver?


Do I need a computer to use the laser engraver?

Laser engraving machine is advanced equipment that uses laser to engrave materials under computer control. The operation of the laser engraving machine is mainly divided into two types: dot matrix engraving and vector cutting. But both types of runs require the use of sculpting software. Therefore, you will need a computer so that you can use whatever graphics software you choose, or a software suite for controlling your laser engraver. On your computer, you can directly create your work on the software, and you can also import graphic files into laser engraving software to achieve the cutting and engraving results you want. Lunyee's engraving software is compatible with systems above Windows 7. One thing to keep in mind is that your computer is critical to the operation of your laser engraver , and you cannot operate your laser system if your computer is not powered on, running Windows, or not running the Universal Control Panel (UCP) software.

Can I run a laser engraver on a laptop?

Most modern laptops can operate routers. If you plan to work with large graphics files, a laptop with more memory and a high-quality graphics card will save your time and provide the best results. Gaming laptops perform better than business laptops.


A laser engraver is also a computer-controlled device, so a computer is essential if you want to process materials with a laser engraver. Of course, you can also use your laptop to control your device.

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