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Article: Can a CNC router cut metal?


Can a CNC router cut metal?

Computerized CNC milling machines provide automated precision cutting capabilities and can be used to manufacture parts from a variety of materials, including metals. With proper machine construction, tooling, setup, and work-holding, CNC milling machines can cut and shape sheet metal, steel, aluminum, and more very efficiently.

Can a CNC router cut metal

Robust machine construction

For metal milling, the CNC machine itself requires rigid structural components to withstand cutting forces and vibration. Metal frames, reinforced gantries, high spindle ratings, and high torque servo motors are ideal specifications. For example, the Lunyee 500W 80*80cm CNC milling machine features an all-metal frame with a 500W spindle motor to provide the necessary rigidity and power for metal processing. Its sturdy construction can withstand the force of engraving, cutting and machining solid metals.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are one of the most critical elements in metalworking. The high hardness of metal requires the use of specialized metalworking tools, which are prone to wear and even damage if unsuitable tools are used.

Speed and feed

Depending on the particular metal material being cut, the appropriate speed should be adjusted. Harder metals, such as tool steel, require speeds between 8,000 and 15,000 RPM, while softer metals, such as aluminum, allow for faster speeds. Lower feed speeds, measured in inches per minute (IPM), allow milling cutter bits to work better, which prevents overloading, deflection, or breakage.

Safety catch

Fully securing the metal workpiece and keeping it flush with the bed are essential to protecting the machine and getting better engraving results. The rigidity of the metal requires very secure fixing solutions, such as clamps and vises, on the vacuum table. According to the product specifications, the Lunyee 500W router's 800*800mm is made of 20mm thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which provides solid support for fixing plates, sheets, or smaller parts.


With sturdy construction, the right cutting tools, and the right feed rates and speeds, CNC milling machines effectively cut sheet metal, steel, aluminum, and other metals.

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